Our Mission

Flashtalking’s mission is to enable marketers to move consumers to action, by being the most trusted ad serving platform for driving advertising relevance and improving campaign performance. This mission is informed by three core beliefs:


Fragmented consumer attention demands that all creative be data-driven


Better, more integrated data is essential to success


Advertisers need objective third-party measurement, uncompromised by media ownership or buying



Our Strategy

Over the last four years, our strategy at Flashtalking has been singularly focused on meeting the needs of large, sophisticated advertisers for data-driven advertising strategies:

  • They want flexibility in terms of how they can use their data to message customers.

  • They want their data to be portable.

  • They want support.

It all comes back to advertisers wanting to harness the power of their data to influence their consumers. And to do that, they need to own the data. They need to have transparency. They need to be able to combine the data with other data sources.

We believe that the market has not adequately addressed these needs, and that advertisers are hungry for more robust solutions.



Our Solutions

Flashtalking’s four core services combine data, technology and service:


Ad Serving

Flashtalking is the independent global ad server for advertisers who value control of their own data and wish to separate media sales from delivery and measurement.



Flashtalking’s creative management tools enable advertisers to personalize at scale by activating feeds and data with Decision Trees, our creative decisioning interface.



Our native identity solutions and integrations with leading identity partners allow advertisers to reach their customers with true one-to-one messaging.



Flashtalking’s reporting platform and advanced analytics provide advertisers with a comprehensive view of the customer journey and surface actionable insights.



Why Sophisticated Advertisers Choose Flashtalking


We are the leading independent ad server to the AdAge 200. Our clients are large, they're sophisticated, and they're hungry to use data to impact their marketing. Why do they choose Flashtalking?

  • Media independence, and the trust that comes with it through MRC accreditation, SOC2 compliance and GDPR compliance

  • Demonstratively better data and analytics with complete data transparency

  • An agnostic platform that can integrate with your partners now and in the future

  • Unbiased reporting from the only remaining independent ad serving platform

  • An award-winning, customizable support for in-house and agency needs

  • Data-driven message personalization at scale with an established platform and team